In today’s settings where it has become imperative that empowered women live with dignity and collaborate as equal partners in development in a violence-free environment, it has become equally important to raise children to become the lamps of tomorrow. Well-nourished kids with empowered mothers come out with abundant potential and possibilities for growth and development in a secure and safe environment. SEC International dreams of promoting women’s social and economic emancipation by bridging policies and programs, mainstreaming gender parity, expanding knowledge of their rights, and fostering institutional and legislative support to enable them to realize their human rights and thrive sans boundaries and limits.

By supporting diverse programs, we hope to provide much-needed momentum to the comprehensive development of women and children. The department of women and child development’s main goal is to ensure the holistic development of children and the empowerment of women. The department’s goals include economic development and the integration of women into the mainstream of the economy, as well as equity, social inclusion and social justice. The approach used for women’s development programs includes empowering women through creation of awareness, education, and a stronger emphasis on skill development and income-generating pursuits. So that women might improve their earning capacity and social standing wherefore becoming independent.