Swami Muktanand Maharaj ji

Swami Muktanand ji is the father of Nabhi Chakra Tradition in world . From the age of 14 years Swami ji has taken Sanyas and under lighting guidance of his Guru Swami Aghoranand Ji ( Tantric Tradition) he took oath to serve mankind and making it “Disease Free”. The core concept of research of swami ji is based on the fact that Navel is the focal point of our body and energy and by balancing Navel humans can be cure from various diseases and leads a healthy life. By seeing very expensive, painful and full of many side effects of various surgical processes and treatments, he developed many Formulations with the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and curing many incurable disease like Cancer , Muscular Dystrophy, Heart, Liver and Kidney ailments. He is also curing various ailments related to Nervous System .
Swami ji also established Anand Dham center at village Kata Patthar in Dehradun ( Uttarakhand) at the bank of River Yamuna . This center is serving elderly people and other persons from various disabilities.