Social harmony can be understood as a method of assessing, communicating, and encouraging trust, admiration, peace, harmony, respect, generosity, and equity toward other individuals in any society, irrespective of their religion, caste, gender, race, age, occupation, and so on. As a result, social harmony is relatively crucial for actually being social, which also includes living in harmony with one another. It is a dynamic interplay of a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. Happiness and life satisfaction are strongly linked to well-being. Sustaining and striving for social harmony can provide simple tools for society as a whole to deal with conflicts on a daily basis, confronting behavioral difficulties in a consistent manner. It is also proven to be advantageous to enhance well-being and decrease burnout in its contributors.

SEC International aims to maintain peace and reestablish social belief and harmony. It is not a one-day task and requires perpetual work even after its establishment. Especially youth and children being the most vulnerable generation, get to join hands and be the torch-bearers of social harmony sans prejudices and biases based on race, religion, gender, social status etc. We work on a micro-level to eradicate negative preconceptions from the minds of youth and children and instill it with feelings of conformity and consensus which is free of ideological adultery.