PROJECT CNT (creation, Nature, transformation); Mother Natures is cradle of life. Flora and fauna along with humans and nature make any ecosystem and ecosystem define how we are living wealth’s we are harmonious with our nature or not. As we are seeing degradation of environments and ecosystem continuously Air, water and soil all things are polluted and making them in habitable for living beings. its due to dereference of humans beyond limits in due course of naturel process- contemporary world is facing extremely suites issues regarding which are threats to existence of life on this blue-Green Planet.

Project Cut of Sec International is People’s effort to trans form to relationship with nature. CNY le is creation, Nature and transform exertion include News Awareness for mother nature to breath out in pristine and scared spaces.

Nature includes holistic approach and efforts to like care of already existing ecosystems

Transformation includes taking care of degraded and semi-degraded ecosystems by collective efforts and peoples participate in along ad Institutional supports.

We are facing triple Planetary crisis of climate change, nature. and Biodiversity loss and pollution and waste Mission of Project CNY in to inform inspire and mobilizing Societies and communities to live in peace with Nature. We are building a system which is mare focused and proclaim based having mare coordinated, multi-structural, multidimensional people’s participation. We martialize both, companies, media etc. through our regular awareness programs.

In oct 2021 the UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on Right to clean, healthy and sustainable environment in in a break through moment for UNEP’S Social and environmental Justice work some of the critical issue includes global warming, methane emission, All types of pollution, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, wastage of food etc.

the solution to our all environmental problems depends how we see and value our nature, How much we are committed to save biodiversity, restorative of ecosystems and catalyzation of collective actions we need to protect our forest covers to fight against Land degradations, climate change, global warming and biodiversity loss.

We need our fond system transformation on global level unep’s food waste Index Reprot-2021 found that people waste almost one billion fans of food every years of  about 17% of loved available for human consumption. This re post showed for the first time the food waste in an issue in almost all countries, including middle and Lower income group countries.

We here at 8FC International trying to build a strong connection. among people, animal and nature so all we can live in clean, priesting and harmonious environments with any health crisis, environmental degradation and loss of bio diversities. We are making involved parties accountable and liable to their attitude towards nature.