PROJECT 3G (Genius Gentle, Generous): The motto of ours. Project 3G is the empowerment Rather than Entitlement of car future generation. As we all know that education is the fundamental right of any child given by nearly all the states. across globe. Project 3G is an initiative of sec international foundation to recognize their right Stand to implementation of these. This project is for school education as we know education is the basic tool to bring any fundamental change in any society. Proper school education leads to skilled you the entitled to various jobs and their jobs and other vocational occupations are ultimate solution to poverty.

Here at SEC international foundation we believe that rather the school and colleges we need center of Learning which incorporation of morality and ethics which ultimately create virtuous citizens / generation full of wisdom. We don’t need mechanical education without values of logic, reasoning, unable. to decision making, we need education which allow our young generator allow them to spread their wings make them realization of their particular abilities and dreams, zeal for persuasion of their that dreams and ultimately make them to live in their happy sphere with interpersonal relations and evolution of a tree human being.

we are trying to impart core values of freedom, self-expression and desire of meaningful lives by educating our next generations. Our Project 3G giving near opportunities for the children of deprived and disadvantageous groups. We know that educational development off our each and every child invokes promise of a better world.