Information and communication are defined as a broad range of technological and non-technological tools and resources used to transmit, store, produce, share, or exchange information in all its forms. The consumption of information and its communication are crucial in all facets of modern civilization and thus should be regulated against its potential negative usages. It has altered how we communicate with one another, find needed information, work, do business, connect with government authorities, and manage our social lives. It affects people’s daily lives and also has an impact on macroeconomic growth, which in turn affects society by enabling infrastructure and living standards to improve.

It is postulated that good information enhances decision making, increases efficiency, and provides a competitive advantage to the business that knows more than the competition. Information thus, makes us better individuals with rational judgment and prudent decision making wherefore being better contributors in the system we thrive in. In recent times information has become one of the greatest tools to get oneself educated and upskill and thus, opening wider arenas of possibilities. At SEC International we strive to embolden the pillars of information and its communication and make individuals become the best versions of themselves in the era where sound judgement can only be achieved through the communication of appropriate information.