“Human Rights are not a privilege conferred by the government on the citizens. They are every human being’s entitlement by virtue of his humanity.”

– Mother Teresa

Human rights are an exemplification of important societal ideals such as fairness, dignity, equality, and respect in our present-day society.

They are a crucial form of protection for all of us, especially those who may be subjected to abuse, expulsion, or isolation. Most importantly, these rights empower us by allowing us to speak up and criticize ill-treatment by a public authority. SEC International aims towards contributing to the protection and promotion of human rights through both rapid and protracted action; Empowering the public to articulate and claim their human rights; Enabling the State and other national institutions to implement their human rights obligations and enforce the rule of law.

We dream of human rights being accessible and known to all and be exercised. It is speaking up for ourselves and our basic rights that we are entitled to, listening to stories in our journey and staying connected to others who are equally passionate about it as an imperative for the global society that will lead us to getting somewhat near to our hopes and dreams.