Environment is probably one of the most hit and impacted areas of today’s world and without any further major steps towards its restoration it will worsen to put it lightly. Through ages it has seen the consequence of over-consumption, exploitation and lack of sufficient restoration measures to make up for the mistakes done in the past some times. It is only our concerted efforts that can bring about some changes not much radical though but impactful changes at the same time. Any endeavors in the direction should concentrate on environmental efforts on ecosystem restoration, biodiversity conservation and the natural and cultural environment, excellent human health, efficient material cycles free of hazardous substances, sustainable use of natural resources, efficient energy use, and consumption habits.

This purpose must be realized in such a way and at such a tempo that biological diversity is preserved, food production is ensured, and other sustainable development goals are not compromised. It is critical that we all, as individuals, groups, and civilizations, take responsibility for reaching this global goal. SEC International aims to ameliorate the global environmental catastrophe via a fundamental restructuring of our society–from principles centered on profit above all else to an approach based on addressing people’s basic needs. Protracted solutions emerge from the scratch, with the participation and leadership of those most directly affected by pollution and environmental degradation. The struggle for environmental justice is inextricably linked to the global movement for social justice.