One significant observation at this time of global market volatility is that the world requires energy and power – and in escalating quantities – to promote economic and social progress and to establish a better standard of living, particularly in developing countries. However, distributing this energy around the world comes with an obligation to sustainably develop and harness our resources. We are dedicated to both preserving people and the environment while also making a beneficial economic contribution. The need for sustainable, economical and efficient energy is especially pressing in developing countries. It has the potential to enhance and perhaps save lives.

Energy powers economies and keeps societies functioning. however, e energy production and consumption are also the single most significant contributors to global warming. The energy industry is responsible for almost two-thirds of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, over a billion people continue to be without access to electricity, while 3 billion rely on unclean fuels such as charcoal and animal dung for cooking and warmth. Our goal is to minimize our reliance on fossil fuels to generate electricity, heat and power our transportation infrastructure, while still providing reliable, clean, and affordable energy to everyone on the planet. SEC International’s work on energy focuses on improving an understanding of science, envision and furnish solid policy methods to be applied by institutions and fostering the adoption of sustainable energy technologies.