Historically, schools’ and more specifically education’s aim has been to enable the students emerge into creative, rational people who contribute to making the world a better place where rights and dignity of all are respected impartially. This mission still holds true today. SEC International’s mandate is to improve and support the optimal education, development, and well-being of children around the world. Our mission is to promote quality education and social fairness. We strive to combat prejudice and discrimination as part of our larger goal, which hinders students from receiving a chance to be educated. we actively work towards opposing different forms of discrimination, such as exclusion based on gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, race, or ethnic origin. We also engage with other unions and global confederation whose agendas include global education advancement.

It takes concerted efforts to galvanize and organize a global mission to provide a good, high-quality education to all girls and boys, with a focus on the poorest and most vulnerable. By integrating people from diverse countries alongside, we seek to achieve protracted improvements in the quality of education for children all around the globe. We help underprivileged children, families, and communities by enabling them to meet their basic requirements and establishing relationships to raise people’s understanding of the impact education will have on their life. In all of our endeavors, we value the rights of the children to educate themselves and ameliorate their living conditions.